Naturally Sweetened

With organic fruit

Finding nutritious, delicious, low-in-sugar snacks for children can be difficult. Thankfully, Olympic Organic yogurt for kids is a perfect, worry-free snack.

Made with 100%

Natural Ingredients

Our yogurt is certified organic and naturally GMO-free with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. It’s made with quality milk from farms we know.

Made with milk from

Grassfed cows

Just like our dear cow Phoebe, who runs freely on a Fraser Valley farm in British Columbia, getting into all kinds of adventures. Discover some of her feats in the stories inside our packs!

Multipurpose Packaging

Made to have fun

Each recyclable pack contains a set of cut-outs to be coloured and brought to life by your little ones. Find out what kind of adventures Phoebe, Julie, Simon and Emma get up to in the 6 stories hidden in the packs! Plus, save their cut-outs for craft time and collect them all with your kids.